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With over 25 years of industry experience, Chris is a well-rounded and seasoned event host and TV/Radio personality. Chris launched a successful entertainment and events company in the summer of 2007 in South Florida which he owned and operated for 12 years. In 2017, Chris began exploring a deep desire to motivate and inspire others while still being the animated and entertaining personality that he is today!  In 2019, he continues to develop his skill as a well-respected speaker. Now a certified life coach, writer, and corporate speaker, Chris will be releasing in the summer of 2019, his personally inspired, personal development program: RESET, "The Power of RE". His goal is to entertain and inspire people throughout the world that may be faced with life challenges, or that are mentally "stuck".  RESET will be a mindful resource to help anyone get “unstuck” and restart their lives. 


There is no challenge too big for Chris, as he continues to develop and grow his brand. Speaking is his passion and helping others is his destiny! 


Life isn't always easy, but you can reset it when you need, once you know your power within! 


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